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About me


I am a senior software professional and entrepreneur who has strong interested in video encoding/streaming, photography, mobile and cloud technologies and their applications in consumer electronics. I have been working on video related technologies in Silicon Valley for more than 15 years.

I started my career at Sony Research Lab for video compression algorithms, software/hardware implementation of the media algorithms and various media processor architecture with four US patents on video encoding algorithms, computational optimization for efficient video coding, and media processor architecture and instruction-set design.

I spent 10 years at Broadcom to provide software development and support for Echostar, Broadcom’s Tier 1 customer in set-top box market. Echostar provides set-top boxes for Dish Network, the second largest satellite TV service provider in US, with more than 14 million subscribers. The experience at Broadcom help bring my expertise on video technologies to the real production software that millions of users are using every day!

Recently, I am interested in mobile and cloud technologies. Earlier, I co-founded Enlightouch, a company providing mobile-learning test-prep mobile apps and cloud-based homework solution with cloud-based mobile-friendly interactive document generator for educational publisher. Now I am the founder of Atriva Media, which is targeting at combining mobile, cloud and TV streaming technologies to provide best user experience on preserving, organizing and sharing family photos and videos for all the family members, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

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Wesley Li