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CES 2017 In 5 Minutes Part 2: Smart Home

The second part of the CES 2017 includes Smart Home and Robots.

Smart Home

The first company to see is Ring, which provide video door bells and water-proof outdoor security cameras.

Blink provide Blink XT outdoor camera with 100% wire-free outdoor camera running with 2 AA batteries.

Another thing I found it is very interesting is the smart remote control from Sevenhugs. It looks like a Apple TV remote but you can control TV (including Apple TV), lights, music (including Sonos), camera, fans, blinds, thermostat, speakers, etc. Probably every smart thing you can image at home. That’s my choice of best product of the CES 2017.

You can also see how it works on the video below. Amazing, isn’t it?

I also have a quick glimpse of the smart refrigerator that you can see below. Not only you can see what’s inside without opening it, you can even see a huge video display inside the refrigerator.

Of course, you can always find lots of small smart devices with ZigBee or Z-wave technologies. You can also find a few big smart devices such as shower, elevating bathroom counter, etc.


When I was attending CES 2016, I saw lots of robots already. But this year, it’s just get more refined and more user (or kids) friendly. Softbank’s Pepper robot has been spotted on demonstrating products as well.

Following are a few video on the robots in the show.

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